Jiro Yoshioka

2024 23rd April, 19:00
CLOUDS - electronics for Viola and Voice
Reaktorhalle, München

2024 5th June, 19:00
CHOIR PROJECT - for choir and percussion
Großer Saal, Hochschule für Musik und Theater München

2024 3rd June - 6th June
Nimmersatt - a VR Opera
music written by Jiro Yoshioka and Eve Georges
Biennale München

2024 22nd July, 19:00
SYMPHONIKER & MUSIKSCHULE - Orchestra piece for one piano and nine pianists
Carl-Orff-Saal, Gasteig, München

- 2024 -

2024 14th March
You're very sweet, but... - Really Spicy Opera
Reaktorhalle, München

- 2023 -

2023 28th November
Careful Chaos - Trio for Saxophone, Accordion and Piano
Czech Embassy, Tokyo, Japan

2023 9th October
a soul leaves a laughing tree - with the North Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
Young Prague Festival - Closing Concert
Rudolfinum (Dvôrak Hall), Prague, Czech Republic

2023 7th October
Railway River - Klarinetten-Symposium München
Großer Konzertsaal, Hochschule für Musik und Theater München, Germany

2023 21st July
Scoring silent films - with VOLTA-Ensemble
Reaktorhalle, Munich, Germany

2023 21st March
Raining Whales - Percussion and Electronics
Reaktorhalle, Munich, Germany

2020 dumplings, Johanna Xue
2020 Boys don't cry, David Hacke

2021 Happy Family, URSA Stories

2022 the otherside, Haruka Yamakawa
2022 Jako z papiru, Alicia Qian
2022 Cybertaxi, TU Munich

2023 Wie schmeckt die Wassermelone?, Zhongzixia Yao
2023 nichts, Hana Reintges
2023 Seat Love, Leo van Kaan
2023 ZwischenZeit, Theresa Rehe
2023 Red Lingerie, Haruka Yamakawa
2023 Did you eat yet?, Alicia Qian
2023 Evanesco, Zhiwen (Eric) Ding
2023 Geister, mit Arezou Rezaei, Franz Stöcker
2023 Medusa, Elisabeth Plattner
2023 etwasdasbleibt, Maya Koutsoulis
2023 Alcohol Knows No Limits, Elizaveta Snagovskaia

2024 PhantomRide, Joshua Buchenau
2024 COMA, Carolin Wittmann

Wie schmeckt die Wassermelone?
playing as Jin (lead)
directed by Zhongzixia Yao
produced by Seren Sahin

playing as Kai (lead)
directed by Leo Dzhyshyashvili
produced by the University of Television and Film Munich

playing as Customer (lead)
directed by Zhiwen (Eric) Ding

playing as Janni (Group of Seven)
directed by Sophia Küstenmacher

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