Jiro Yoshioka

Photo shot by ORCA Endeavours®

Jiro Yoshioka is a composer, cellist and artist, based in Munich Germany.
He especially loves Maurice Ravel, Igor Stravinsky and Spaghetti Carbonara.

Musical Education:

from 2006-2009 Piano taught by Ayumi Janke
from 2006-2010 Participating in the Tölzer Knabenchor (Boys Choir)
from 2011-2019 Violoncello taught by Edgar Gredler
from 2019-2020 Composition taught by Steffen Wick
from 2020-2024 University of Music and Theatre Munich; degree - Composition for Film and Media

Original Soundtrack:

2020 dumplings; animated short film; directed by Johanna Xue
2020 Boys Don’t Cry; short film; directed by David Hacke

2021 Happy Family; audio book; created by URSA Story

2022 the otherside; short film; directed by Haruka Yamakawa
2022 Jako z papiru; short film; directed by Alicia Qian
2022 CYBERTAXI; computer game; created by the Technical University of Munich (TUM)

2023 Wie schmeckt die Wassermelone?; short film; directed by Zhongzixia Yao
2023 nichts; short film: directed by Hana Reintges
2ß23 Seat Love; short film; directed by Leo Van Kaan
2023 Zwischen Zeit; short film; directed by Theresa Rehe
2023 MEDUSA, documentary film, directed by Elisabeth Plattner
2023 Red Lingerie; short film; directed by Haruka Yamakawa

Other Composition:

2020 Schwarze Milch (string quartet); performed by the Paranormal Quartett
2021 even tiny frogs have sweet dreams (sax quartet) ; performed by Qatar Quartet
2022 wider Wind und Wand (string quintet); performed by the Sirius Quartet and harpist Melis Çom
2023 Vollmond (for harp, cello and tape)
2023 Let the wind think before it hits (string quintet)
2023 Raining Whales (percussion and electronics); performed by Wenhui Deng and Davide Lovato
2023 a soul leaves a laughing tree (orchestra); performed by the North Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
2023 Careful Chaos (Trio for Saxophone, Accordion, Piano)

"Let Ravel's harmonies linger in the air,
where each note sizzles like bacon's flare."
- ChatGPT, 12th August, 2023

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